Importance of Colour in Interior Design : Calming Blue



Blue can induce thoughts of the skies, endless oceans, or flowing rivers. Darker shades of blue also have a notion of authority, leadership and importance.

Blue is known to slow the metabolism and produce a calming effect, and it also a colour of purity. Helping to induce us into a state of relaxation is why it is the perfect colour for the bedroom, prompting us to sleep with a clear and pure mind.

RK Design Studio from Mumbai, have used blue to great effect in this bedroom, hiding subtle blue hues in the facades of the wall and ceiling. By not using too much colour, the pale blue blends with the neutral tone of the room to create a calming and zen like aura.

RK Design Studio, is one of the leading Interior Designers in Mumbai & have done many valuable projects in Mumbai and other parts of India.


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