Furniture Boutique In New Delhi By Collaborative Architecture

Furniture Boutique By Collaborative Architecture

Furniture Boutique 1

“‘No one should ask about the architect who designed the showroom!’ a rather insecure brief, and a non budging client, who firmly believed that Interior Architecture might overpower the product displayed, were the starting point of this project.

Furniture Boutique 2

Furniture Boutique 4

Furniture Boutique 5


Rather than taking a trajectory of ‘pro-active’ retail design, the design tried to address the very concerns of the evolving client, by being consciously and effortlessly stepping back to the back ground to lend a neutral yet brilliant backdrop to the product line.

The project, which is the anchor showroom of the manufacturer in the country, houses various product- lines catering to mid-level to hi-end luxury residential, hospitality segments. A special area was carved out to house the office furniture segment. The design had to address the conflicting themes of being ‘anonymous’ to respect the brief, but at the same time sophisticated, to reflect the design direction of the product line displayed.

The striking 6 meter long, suspended reception counter set the tone and direction of design. The reception area houses the zone for new arrivals and launches. The zones have been earmarked as living-dining settings for the customers to have a comprehensive spatial idea of the products.”

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