Many people accept neon colours as the new fashion and home decor trend because they make things become happy & attractive to many teenagers.  It can be pretty affordable to update the wardrobe with a few pieces of neon and your home can look more bold and striking with a bit of neon.  These neon colors suggests energy and are perfect for all seasons.  Read More

Coconut Mosaic Tiles 1

Home designing is really a tough task for an individual, since it has to be played well and proper materials shall be used to decorate every small corners. There are tons of decorating materials are available now a days in the market, what what could be the perfect for our home & what will suit well for that  one has to understand well, what exactly they are looking for.

So today, we will be discussing on Coconut Shell. Mosaic Tiles, is really a great way now a days to decorate a piece of furniture & also it can be used as a highlighter. Many Important areas such as Ceiling, walls, TV panels, or any other areas can be converted amazingly by using these tiles.

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